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We live our lives story by story through the memories we create. While it is important to preserve our most cherished memories, the human mind is limited. My celebrations book is now giving you an opportunity to capture, keep and share your happy moments in an online storage. From baby showers, to child naming ceremonies, rites of passage, birthdays, baptism, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, award ceremonies, trips, holidays and more, we shall help you keep your treasured memories safe.

What you can do

My celebrations book has created a platform for you to capture your special moments forever. This will help you to

  1. Record your memories of each event
  2. Upload the most important pictures
  3. Invite others contribute to your story by sending messages such as birthday wishes, congratulations for wedding, graduations etc. They can also share photos alongside the messages
  4. Download or print the book for a different form of storage or other uses.

Why you need to write down your memories

  1. Establish a tradition of recording important events such as birthdays, wedding and anniversaries, graduation etc; all in one safe account!
  2. Re-live your good times and the messages from loved ones.
  3. Affordably keep your happy moments safe

Our Features

A platform to capture your special moments forever.

The Only Memory That Never Fails Is The Cloud

The human memory fails as we age. However, the cloud neither fails nor forgets. Write down your story when it’s fresh in your memory then store it in the cloud. will keep it safe forever.

Be In Charge Of Your Privacy.

At my, we keep secrets. Unlike the social media where everyone has access to your memories, my celebrations book allows you to invite only the people who care about you to contribute and celebrate with you. In addition, we give you the freedom to make your books public or private, and what you have made private will remain private.

Become The Author Of Your Own Life Story.

With my celebrations book, you capture important moments and progressively build it over the years. Imagine, for instance capturing your marriage life from wedding day and each consecutive anniversary! The same applies to other yearly events such as birthdays, allowing you to keep the stories and images of yourself and your loved ones, including the messages from others.

One Account; Many Books!

How much can you hold in your mind, computer, phone, or photo album? At you can create as many books as possible, as often as you want. All you need to do is select an appropriate subscription plan for your needs. Our pricing is affordable and so if you’re looking for near- free cloud storage, you’re welcome to explore the available options.

Latest Books

My celebrations book has created a platform for you to capture your special moments forever. This will help you to

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Definition of wedding 1: a marriage ceremony usually with its accompanying festivities :

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